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Wool vs Acrylic

An important post on the benefits of wool over acrylic with a must see video.

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My Little Crochet Dolls Video Tutorials

Here is the complete set of Video Tutorials on the My Little Crochet Doll pattern.

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Bang Bang

When I made the cowboy outfit for MLCD (My little crochet doll) I pondered whether it was right. Should I be making dolls that typically carry guns? I live in the UK, where Cowboys/Cowgirls are in short supply, but I'm pretty sure there is more to being a cow-person than shooting things. Feeding cows, herding… Continue reading Bang Bang

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A doll making history

A few days ago, while day-dreaming, I asked myself, When did my love of doll making start? I have been crocheting for over 6 years, probably making crochet dolls for 5 years, maybe less. But as I thought about it I realised my doll making history goes back a long, long way and it has… Continue reading A doll making history

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Teen Doll Comp Shop

Give me a car and caravan and lots of clothes over fancy wings, light up dresses and gimmicky one trick ponies any day.

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Share the Love

For sometime now I've been playing with the idea of leaving handmade toys for strangers to find. It all started when I was on the bus, actually not one bus journey, but several journeys watching kids get on with nothing to do except sit still. Wouldn't it be magical if I could hand each child… Continue reading Share the Love

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Dolly time Dolls

I keep seeing these adorable little knitted dolls on Ravelry and decided to buy a pattern to try. I bought the Little Belle pattern. The patterns are created by Wendy Phillips who published on Ravelry as Dollytime. I love the sweet, friendly natured faces and colourful outfits. Wendy has patterns in several sizes and I'm… Continue reading Dolly time Dolls