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A Bible study flag!

Turning sketches into flags

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Meaning in the cloth – rethinking the prayer shawl

After the band have played the last note, the choir have sat down, the sermon done, the Amen said... the prayer shawl continues on and travels with the person in need.

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Banned from the Band

I am barred from taking an active part in my church not because I won't wear a uniform, but because I can't afford to. I am banned from being a useful member of my church because I am poor.

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Under the bushel

These are the miracles that bring a man back on his feet, the opportunities that can only be seen by visionaries.

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Creative Bible study – John 4

What if I read a portion of the Bible, then sat down and created something. Could God use my art and whole being to create something that otherwise would not have been created?

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Embarrassing things Churches do (to people in poverty)

I've been doing a lot of work with Leeds poverty truth and Churches action on poverty over the past two years. As someone who has had to claim poverty, who's experienced going hungry and had to choose between food and electricity (and not that long ago either!) I've got some idea of the embarrassment when… Continue reading Embarrassing things Churches do (to people in poverty)

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Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.

I try to keep my on line image as a crafting person very organised and positive (apart from the odd moan). Recently though, something happened that I can only say is a bit of a wonder. So, I've decided to start some personal blogs about the 'Me' behind Betty Virago. Take these posts or leave… Continue reading Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.