Doll Making, Handcrafting, My Little Crochet Doll

Friday 20th April 2018

Finally in Scarborough taking photos of the fisherman doll.

Doll Making, Handcrafting

Thursday 19 April 2018

more on my final project, drawing the Salvation Army band and starting the mini knitters of dent gloves.

Church Life, Of The Cloth

A Bible study flag!

Turning sketches into flags

Church Life, Handcrafting

Creative Bible study – John 4

What if I read a portion of the Bible, then sat down and created something. Could God use my art and whole being to create something that otherwise would not have been created?

Textile Stories

Folklore Ideas

Thinking about my folklore project. When the word folklore was spoken last week at Uni I had two thoughts come to mind. 1. Canal boats and canal art 2. Beaches Canal art is never really far from my mind, I have a 'never-gonna-happen' dream of owning a canal boat and going from town to town… Continue reading Folklore Ideas

Textile Stories

The start of Summer

I made it all through the year with, well apart from two weeks off when I broke my ankle, no sick days. Then as the Uni schedule finished (no classes, but we can still go in) I was hit by some awful superbuggy cold thing. I've pretty much been in bed most of the last… Continue reading The start of Summer