A doll making history

A few days ago, while day-dreaming, I asked myself, When did my love of doll making start? I have been crocheting for over 6 years, probably making crochet dolls for 5 years, maybe less. But as I thought about it I realised my doll making history goes back a long, long way and it hasContinue reading “A doll making history”

The Ultimate Sock Doll

Several years ago I first came across sock monkeys, they were crudely made animals made from left over socks and a great recycling use of those odd socks we find in the washing machine. Then the explosion happened and suddenly they were everywhere.    What originally began as an upcycling project became ‘trendy’ and weContinue reading “The Ultimate Sock Doll”

Two Designer Makers

Following on from my comments regarding naked Barbies in charity shops I’ve decided to compare 2 designer makers who make use of these dolls in a creative way. Margaux Lange – www.margauxlange.com (All images are from her website) A jewellery designer I’ve been watching for some time, partly because of my love of Babies and partlyContinue reading “Two Designer Makers”