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Meet the Dolls 2 – The Clog Maker

My little clog maker doll has even managed his own mini clogs.

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Meet the dolls 1 – The Fisherman

William the Fisherman doll

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The camaraderie of crafting

It's hard to describe, but as I sit here in this lobby, with strangers I consider friends I'm realising this isn't something that can be put into words.

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The Romance of Pattern Writing

I came across a funny little story recently in the book "No Idle Hands - The social history of American knitting" by Anne L. Macdonald. The story tells of a well known bag maker from New England back in the 18th Century. Matilda Emerson, who had a bit of a thing for her widowed parson.… Continue reading The Romance of Pattern Writing

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My Little Crochet Dolls Video Tutorials

Here is the complete set of Video Tutorials on the My Little Crochet Doll pattern.

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The New Improved Crochet Doll

I've just finished a series of video tutorials, made in my usual home made style. They're available on YouTube and the first one starts here:

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Face Painting Kits

Some time ago I decided I wasn't happy with my dolls having plain plastic dots for eyes. I tried painting onto the safety eyes, but the paint peeled off too easily. The problem with crochet eyes is that the stitches don't line up squarely as they do in knitting, so counting stitches doesn't work either.