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Meet the dolls 4 – The Coal Miner

The final doll - Norman the coal miner

Doll Making, Handcrafting, My Little Crochet Doll, Textile Stories

My Final Project

An introductions to my final university project

Doll Making, Handcrafting, My Little Crochet Doll

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

Today I was thinking about the Farmer doll so I took a trip to a local farm. Meanwood Valley farm ( is a charity run farm near the centre of Leeds. It's a short bus ride out and a few minutes walk from the bus stop and it's only £2 for adults and 50p for… Continue reading Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

Handcrafting, Social Action, Textile Stories

Finding your Social mission

I believe if I can create an art space where everyone is accepted then lives can begin to change.

If I can show people who feel worthless, their value, I can begin to turn the tide of lives wasted.

If I can begin to change a few lives, we can change the world.

Church Life, Of The Cloth

A Bible study flag!

Turning sketches into flags

Church Life, Handcrafting, Of The Cloth, Social Action, Textile Stories

Meaning in the cloth – rethinking the prayer shawl

After the band have played the last note, the choir have sat down, the sermon done, the Amen said... the prayer shawl continues on and travels with the person in need.