Two Designer Makers

Following on from my comments regarding naked Barbies in charity shops I’ve decided to compare 2 designer makers who make use of these dolls in a creative way. Margaux Lange – (All images are from her website) A jewellery designer I’ve been watching for some time, partly because of my love of Babies and partlyContinue reading “Two Designer Makers”

Where do ideas come from? Risk Taking

In the search for ideas for designer makers we looked at risk taking at Uni. Do I take risks? Probably not much these days, which is awful. We tried two techniques for risk taking to come up with ideas. The Dice game Make 2 dice and write on each side a word like dots, flowers,Continue reading “Where do ideas come from? Risk Taking”

Craft Manifestos

A lot of craft groups are coming up with manifestos for their group, a sort of ‘How to behave’ list that is often written up at the start of group workshops. My experience of these lists are boring, obvious comments given by people who are nervous at having to join in with a group ofContinue reading “Craft Manifestos”

Modes of making & meaning – Freddie Robins

Freddie Robins work – Craft Kills is a self portrait made from wool on a knitted machine. The following is taken from her website Craft Kills is a self-portrait based on the well-recognised image of Saint Sebastian being martyred. Instead of arrows piercing my skin I have knitting needles. The title immediately brings toContinue reading “Modes of making & meaning – Freddie Robins”

Miniature Crochet

Been working on this outfit for a couple of days. It’s a Christening dress made from cotton thread, size 1.75mm hook. It’s not sewn or glued to the doll as most dolls house dolls are, but the dress is removable by undoing the tiny button on the back of the dress and the bonnet isContinue reading “Miniature Crochet”

Fair Trade vs Living Wage

I bumped into someone yesterday who had been looking through my blog and Etsy shop. They wanted one of the Little Crochet dolls but didn’t want to learn to crochet. He asked the question I fear the most, how much? How do I respond? As a doll collector I have no problems paying for theContinue reading “Fair Trade vs Living Wage”