Five Felt Brooches

On Saturday 7th June we’re making Felt Brooches. I’ll try and get some instructions here before Saturday for those who can’t make it.

In the meantime, here are Five Brooches that caught my eye on the internet…

1. Punky Mouse by Tiny Art

This shop found on Dawanda has some great little brooches with obviously a lot of hard work gone into each one.

This little fellow I really like though.



I love his multi-coloured mohawk and cheeky little smile.


2. Popsicle Brooch by Hannah Doodle


Just what is needed for the summer. Her shop on Etsy is chock-a-block full of cute little brooches all of which look amazing.


3. English Breakfast Brooch by Kat Kraft UK



It’s making me very hungry.

The detail though is stunning, what a fantastic brooch though. If you’re in a healthy mood though you can choose a ploughmans lunch of beans on toast. All great british food and since it’s made from polymer clay it’s not going to add any calories either.


4. Animal Brooches by Annie Montgomerie

Annie Montgomerie


Annies work is amazing.

I’m often stuck in the world of Art OR Craft, like many I imagine. Am I a crafts person or an artist. Annie’s work though successfully brings Art and Crafts together.

5. Vintage Women Brooches by Yalipaz


I love these brooches from Israel made from suede and felt, with hand painted facial details. I just don’t know which one I’d choose, but she has a great Rockabilly one in the shop at the moment.


So Five different styles of brooches. We’re making our own brooches this Saturday at Inkwell Arts (7th June) 10.30am till 12.30pm. £6 each or £9 for parent and child.

We’ll be drawing our own patterns out a bit like our cloud brooches but let’s see how creative we can be.

I’ll try and put up some instructions before Saturday for those not in Leeds but want to join in (a virtual craft group!)



Zipper felt brooches

Tomorrow, 10.30am – 12.30pm at Inkwell, Chapel Allerton, £6 each. We’re making Zipper heart brooches ready for Valentines day next week (yep, it really is that soon).

For those who can’t be with us, here’s the instructions…

1. Draw your simple design onto paper..



2. Pin the paper onto a piece of felt



3. Take your zip and trim off the fabric edge, leavng the metal or plastic teeth.



4. Whip stitch the zip into place, making sure the thread fits tightly between the teeth.



5. pick out the paper centre, use a needle to get into tight areas.



6. Needle felt small bits of felt to the centre of the brooch.



7. Keep going until the brooch is filled.



8. Add buttons, brads or other embellishments



9. Turn the brooch over and sew the brooch pin onto the felt.



10. Cut out the brooch and draw around it onto another piece of felt. Cut this second felt piece out.



11. place the second piece over the first and mark the two pin ends of the brooch. Make a small cut where you have marked and place the second piece over the first, pulling through the pin ends.



12. Blanket stitch around the edge, making sure you stitch through both front and back felt pieces.



13. Pin the brooch on and enjoy!

There are many designs on the internet, have a google around, some are simple, others very intricate. There are also other ways of making the brooch, mostly by using a glue gun, but the thought of young people loose with glue guns scared me a bit (plus I only have one) so I came up with a way of making the brooch without hot glue dripping from little hands!

What’s next…

Saturday 22nd February, 10.30am, Inkwell, £6 Spinning.

No, not spinning on a bike (that’d be very interesting to see) we’re going to make our own little drop spindle and do a bit of spindle spinning, making our own wool. We only have two hours, and already it sounds like it’ll be popular.

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