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On being Shoddy

shoddy adjective: shoddy; comparative adjective: shoddier; superlative adjective: shoddiest 1. badly made or done. synonyms: poor-quality, inferior, second-rate, third-rate, low-grade, cheap, cheapjack, tawdry, rubbishy, trashy, gimcrack, jerry-built, crude, tinny, tacky, tatty, junky, ropy, duff, rubbish, grotty, careless, slapdash, sloppy, slipshod, scrappy, untidy, messy, hasty, hurried, negligent, lacking moral principle, sordid "we're not paying good money for… Continue reading On being Shoddy

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Dolly time Dolls

I keep seeing these adorable little knitted dolls on Ravelry and decided to buy a pattern to try. I bought the Little Belle pattern. The patterns are created by Wendy Phillips who published on Ravelry as Dollytime. I love the sweet, friendly natured faces and colourful outfits. Wendy has patterns in several sizes and I'm… Continue reading Dolly time Dolls

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A little Word of Mouth

When the 5p plastic bag charge came in force in November I was in two minds. It could cut down on waste but being the unorganised shopper that I am, I rarely remember to bring a bag (actually I now keep 2 bags in my rucksack but forget they are there) and I could imagine… Continue reading A little Word of Mouth


Thinking the future – Stash places

Here is a list of ideas to hide things rather than use a wallet: The Hidden Compartment Keychain 2. The Secret Coin 3. Cufflink Edition 4. The Smugglers Belt 5. The Bra Wallet  


Thinking the Future – Modern Purses

Here's a list of Ultra Modern Purses and Wallets The Elephant Wallet 2. The Ezgo slim wallet - So light it floats in water 3. The Wallet and Water Bottle 4. The Wrist Purse - Luxury Edition 5. The Tru Virtu wallet - keeps your cards from scammers  

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Thinking the Future – Purses you can make yourself

Here is a list of modern purses I like: The Starbucks Wallet Why spend money on a place to put your money? 2. The Minimalist Wallet 3. The One piece of leather and Elastic band wallet 4. The "I'm from the 80s" Wallet 5. The Duct Tape Wallet (I've made a… Continue reading Thinking the Future – Purses you can make yourself