Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

Today I was thinking about the Farmer doll so I took a trip to a local farm. Meanwood Valley farm ( is a charity run farm near the centre of Leeds. It’s a short bus ride out and a few minutes walk from the bus stop and it’s only £2 for adults and 50p forContinue reading “Meanwood Valley Urban Farm”

The Final in sight

Who’d have thought I’d get here? After four years I’m near the end of my degree, and I think I’m ready. I’ve one project left to do and ten weeks to get it done. My final project… Dolls. Yep, I started University loving making dolls and tried hard to do something else, but I’ve realisedContinue reading “The Final in sight”

Telling the Bible story through Knitting

It contains almost 400 knitted characters, over 130 animals and numerous rocks, seashells, wine goblets, buildings, boats and scenery. Very few knitting groups could take on the challenge of knitting the bible with such flair and skill.