About Us

Betty Virago is an independent craft business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with a big heart for helping women gain confidence through crafts.

A Quilting and Embroidery workshop in Leeds

We run weekly craft and textile groups in Leeds for anyone who wants to learn a textile based craft or wants to find a welcoming group of people to craft with.

One of our Motivational Mug Coasters

We sell our own handmade products on the Etsy platform and help small crafters on the road to setting up their own online stores and we work with groups across the country who support vulnerable women, running craft workshops and designing craft kits and ideas for charities to sell.

Find our ETSY shop HERE… https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/bettyvirago

The word Virago means a woman of a warrior spirit and we believe that we can use crafts and making things with our hands as a way to empower women in difficult situations. We do that through our Quilts of Hope project, which makes quilts filled with messages of hope and love for safe places that support women escaping street prostitution.

One of our Quilts of Hope

20 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi, me again!
    Thank you again for your help with the legs. I think I got the hang of it…
    Thought I should post a picture of the doll I made with your pattern ;)

    Crochet – Daryl Dixon:

    Take care and crochet on :)


  2. I don’t know if it is ok to ask this here…

    I recently purchased your “crochet doll pattern” and have a little problem with the lower legs…
    I just don’t get the 20 sc… I got the 13sc from the first part, but I can’t get to the 20sc in the second part… Do I turn it around after 1) and do the sc or do I crochet around the whole foot?

    Got my problem right there in your .pdf —-> 2) 2sc in 1sc, sc in 3, 2sc in 4, sc in 3, 2sc in 2 (20)

    Thanks for your help,

    (PS: Sorry for my bad englisch, I am from Vienna.)


    1. Ok, you continue working around, but if it’s easier to join the round and chain 1 before starting round 2 that will work, you can also turn the foot and work that way if it’s still difficult.
      If you imagine the foot, you start round 2 at the back of the foot. You increase 1, then Sc along the side to the toe, increase 4, Sc back to the heel and increase 2.
      I hope that helps.


  3. I’m impressed by your creativity and hard work – that photo with sea insipired patterns is genial! I would like to learn more about spinning and everything – from sheep to sweater. I’m from Serbia, and the closest I got there is a conversation with a nice woman from small serbian village. “You have sheep? Who shears them?”- “I do.” – “Wow! And then?”- “I spin the wool.”- “And… then?” – ” I knit socks and sweaters.” Enough said.


    1. The Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers has an online community that might be able to give you information on spinning.
      Also Interweave have some great downloadable DVDs that show you what to do.
      Keep searching, I’m sure you’ll find out what you need.
      Thank you though for the very lovely comments.


  4. I don’t. The pattern for the slippers comes from the paid for pattern for the crochet doll. I think though, if you download all the free patterns you might be able to find it somewhere.


  5. Hi Betty!! Your patterns and workmanship are excellent😊. I’m looking for a pattern for the dolls underwear. I can’t seem to find it on your blog. Could you please help me? Maybe email me the link? Thanks


  6. Hello, fellow crafter! :) Almost all the blogs I follow are fellow crafters too! I love the fact you are so creative, and I can draw some inspiration from you, looking forward to more clay designs from you! Take care!


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