Small, Smaller, Smallest (Painting Kits)

Last time I talked about Plein Air Sketching, also known as Urban Sketching. I showed a video on useful sketching tools people were using, and some expensive bits of kit.

I said there’s a huge number of youTube videos from artists showing you what they carry in their bag and I thought I should show you my own travel art kit.

The pencil case I use is the Etchr Field case, a very overpriced case if I’m honest. Yes, it’s well made, Yes it has a lot of pockets and holders, but I’m so ashamed that I paid that much for what really is a well made pencil case that I won’t tell you the price, you have to find that out for yourself.

Yep, I fit quite a bit in the pencil case and I keep adding more, until it’s full and I have to go through everything and start again.

This smaller kit was made from a mint tin, magnets, clips and small water pots. It clips to the sketchbook when needed and all comes apart when you need to pack it away.

I ended the last post with the suggestion that you didn’t need a lot to do urban sketching, check out the art you can create using these three items.

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