Free Batman Beanie crochet pattern

This is the last of the patterns from Etsy that I’m listing for free here (Awww!!!)

But I hope it’s got some of you trying something new or making something for someone you can’t meet up with.

This is a great pattern for a beanie with eye holes and little bat ears.

Thanks to Kevin, my old pottery teacher, for modeling the hat!

Finally (until I write new patterns), here’s the pattern…

I hope you’ve enjoyed that and if you have made something new send me an email, even if it’s not one of my patterns. Comment below on what crafts have got you through these past few weeks or what crafts you’re wanting to have a go at.

Don’t forget, our weekly Zoom craft group, Tuesdays, 1pm. Email me for the link. It’d be great to see you, no matter where you are and what you’re making, we’d love to support you through these difficult months.

So! What do you think?

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