Dolly time Dolls

I keep seeing these adorable little knitted dolls on Ravelry and decided to buy a pattern to try. I bought the Little Belle pattern.

The patterns are created by Wendy Phillips who published on Ravelry as Dollytime.

I love the sweet, friendly natured faces and colourful outfits.

Wendy has patterns in several sizes and I’m already looking at another pattern to get.

I like the softer fabric of knit, but most knitted doll patterns work flat on two needles, which I guess is great for those who don’t like DPNs (Double pointed needles). I like working in the round though and am guessing patterns could easily be changed to my preferred way of knitting. It would also avoid all the sewing up of seams which I find tough going.

I’ve made a little belle of my own…

She’s standing on my iPad, I used some doll hair I found while sorting through a box of doll making stuff and scraps of yarn, that’s a great way of using up scraps.

The clothes are not removable, but the pattern comes with lots of variety to create several different dolls and while you can’t change the dress or shoes, the hats and capes are changeable.

The Flutterby Patch blog on the iPad is the blog for more about the dolls.

I’ve looked at several knitted doll patterns and although I still prefer crochet dolls (not as much sewing up!) I think these dolls are wonderful.

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