Three Artists – Keeping out the rubbish!

Three textile artists who are pioneers in sustainable materials are:

Emily crane, Helen Storey and Reiko Sudo

Emily Crane takes a ‘zero resources’ approach to fashion looking towards a future that is both sustainable yet has a quick turnover.

She developed her material through a love of food technology and set up a laboratory in her kitchen.


Using edible ingredients she has developed a material known as ‘micro-nutrient couture’. The materials offer a sustainable alternative to the fast fashion consumer who buys cheap with the thought of throwing it away.

Helen Storey works on the idea of materials that can detect when they are no longer needed and biodegrade automatically. Originally looking at the packaging industry – the idea of a shampoo bottle that disappears when empty – she now creates stunning outfits as show pieces to make people think about waste.


Reiko Sudo works with environmentally friendly oxidation methods to create new materials from recycled waste. However unlike some recycled  materials she uses her skills to create pieces that have added strength, getting a longer life out of each piece.


All three artists have taken materials into a new level where sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of design.

So! What do you think?

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