My Little Crochet Doll

It’s been very quiet on the blog for the past few weeks and here’s why…


I’ve been working on a new pattern, my best so far I think.

Ellie and Sam, two little crochet dolls, with poseable arms and jointed knees, two body styles, and a lot of possibilities.


They came to be after I was grumbling about a doll pattern from a magazine I found, the pattern didn’t add up, the arms came down to the knees, and there was a little hole between the legs that didn’t quite seem right. Knitting Annie (my friend Annie who knits!) suggested I write my own, so I did. Then came the clothes, underwear, since all dolls need to be decent…


…shoes, trousers and a skirt. The patterns can be adjusted so the vest can be changed to a sports bra or a t-shirt, the jeans can become shorts. Plus details like the duffle coat having a hood that actually fits and pockets that the dolls can use.


I’ve made the doll so she will grow with the child, the hair is patterned into the head for young children, you can add long hair as the child grows. There are two bodies, one straight and the other with a bit of a waist and curves, and a simple waldorf style face that lets imagination grow.

Hopefully the pattern will be ready by the end of the week (I need to borrow someones computer to make the finishing touches to the pattern)

So, here’s a chance to be the first to win a copy of the pattern…

Email me,, with Free pattern please in the subject title and I’ll do a draw the moment the pattern is ready to be posted on Ravelry. You could be the first to get the pattern.


  1. would you mind to share the ellie and sam crochet pattern, I had try similar pattern before, but not so good, and I really not familiar of clothes too, Thank you.


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