Beetle Felt – Course Review

So, following on from recent disappointments I signed up for a one-day course at Beetle Felt in Manchester.

This is actually my third workshop here and I’ve many more planned.

It’s a small place, run in the back garden of their home, but in a purpose built room and a lovely garden created for natural dyeing.

There is also a wider variety of workshops than I realised and new stuff constantly being offered.

I’ve done 2 felt workshops elsewhere, the first left me wondering what had just happened and the little piece of felt I came home with went in the bin.

Every workshop I’ve done at Beetle felt left me confident I could have a go at home. The first course I did was designer yarns, advanced spinning techniques. I went with a list of things I wanted to learn and the list was filled with more besides.

I’ve also done two wet felting courses, and came home today confident enough to have a go on my own.

Some thoughts come to mind…

Nice, value for money, friendly, easy to get to, go at your own pace, know what they’re talking about, Nice (needed to be said twice), relaxed pace.

The website link is below, check them out.


So! What do you think?

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